How to order a project

Research has shown that people learn faster through practical or hands-on learning aids. As a way of speeding up the learning process of electronics and computer circuit projects as well as assisting final year students get a quick grasp of circuit design and programming, ProjectGICS offers a wide range of projects spanning fields of electronics, electrical and computer engineering. These projects, presented as ideas on this website, have been carefully designed in our labs, tested and are fully functional. On request, we can send you the complete project package which includes – The complete working project,  documentations, Circuit diagrams, PCB layout and source codes (where applicable).

To order a project package, follow these Steps…


Browse through the project ideas available to find the project you are interested in.Take note of the project title; you can write it down if you choose.


[Contact us] and let us know about the project topic you are interested in. We will get back to you with the cost details of the project and our bank account or PayPal account details.


Make payment to our bank account or PayPal account. Notify us immediately after making the payment. If you make payment through bank deposit, please quote the teller number when notifying us.


Once we confirm your payment, We will contact you for your shipping address to deliver your project package to you.

Additional Info:

>> Project processing and packaging takes between 2 to 3 weeks.

>> Depending on your location, shipping might attract extra costs and delivery time. If you are in Nigeria, Shipping is free and takes a maximum of 3 days.

>> Any project can be customized for your specific need. You can [tell us] about the features you want and we will deliver.

>> Please always keep in touch to know the status of your project.