Proteus ISIS circuit simulation software

Testing out circuit ideas can be quite easy with the help of circuit simulation software like Proteus ISIS shown here


No field of engineering and technology has experienced as much development in the past years as electronics. The rate of development in electronics is so fast that a powerful or sophisticated device built today can become obsolete in the next two years. All around us, in our daily lives, we get a feel of electronics; it has impacted every part of our lives today. From flat-Screen TVs, Game Consoles to Smartphones – people just love using their electronics devices and gadgets; it is as much fun for people to use these gadgets as it is for passionate electronics engineers to design and build them.

There has never been a great time to learn, design and build electronics circuits and devices than now. With the help of the internet and fast computers, it has become so much easier and fun to learn and deal with electronic circuits. In this part of the website, we try as much as we can to teach you electronics and make you have that confidence in working with electronics components and circuits. Being aware of the difficulty most people have understanding things through Mathematics, we aim to use a non-mathematical approach in all of the topics we treat; only bringing in mathematics where absolutely necessary; albeit there is no absolute path of learning electronics that will take you from novice to professional, we have tried to structure the learning process in a way that will help maintain the flow of your understanding throughout your learning course. We hope you do have a fun experience as you join us in the world of electronics circuit design.

I am an Electical and Electronics Engineer / web designer and developer based in Nigeria. ProjectGICS was conceived out of my passion for Electronic Circuits and anything Computer related. I believe there are many out there that share this passion and would love to take it to greater heights. ProjectGICS is dedicated to students, designers and hobbyists in the field of Electronics and Computer who are eager to learn electronics and computer designs. ProjectGICS is all about circuit designs, programming and construction of things that can be fun, lucrative and can help solve a problem. The Electronic Components and Kits Store allows you shop items for your projects; Allowing you bring your project ideas to life without limitations. I can't wait to hear from you on the successes you have achieved through ProjectGICS.


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