Android Based Projects

These projects ideas / topics leverage the android platform for their operation. They are mainly focused on mobility and use of android smartphones or tablets for device control and data processing.

  • SMS reprogrammable Message display board

    By on July 31, 2015

    A LED matrix message display board that can be programmed from anywhere at anytime through SMS. Simply compose the message on any phone and send to a designated phone number and watch your message displayed immediately on the LEDs. The project makes use of a GSM module and a microcontroller as well as LEDs and other components. Microcontroller code is written in assembly for fast performance and high optimization.

  • Android home automation system

    By on July 31, 2015

    This project allows the control of any electrical home appliance through an android phone. The project interfaces with the Android phone through bluetooth. A dedicated android app allows for ease of interaction with the project by allowing the user setup control switches and timer actions. The range of the device is sufficient for control of appliances within a standard home size.