Communication Projects

Project ideas / topics utilizing some sort of signal transmission medium or protocol can be found here. These projects explore and demonstrate signal transmission for either data or control functions.

  • SMS reprogrammable Message display board

    By on July 31, 2015

    A LED matrix message display board that can be programmed from anywhere at anytime through SMS. Simply compose the message on any phone and send to a designated phone number and watch your message displayed immediately on the LEDs. The project makes use of a GSM module and a microcontroller as well as LEDs and other components. Microcontroller code is written in assembly for fast performance and high optimization.

  • Android home automation system

    By on July 31, 2015

    This project allows the control of any electrical home appliance through an android phone. The project interfaces with the Android phone through bluetooth. A dedicated android app allows for ease of interaction with the project by allowing the user setup control switches and timer actions. The range of the device is sufficient for control of appliances within a standard home size.

  • Food and Beverage billing system

    By on July 30, 2015

    This project is a computer network based software that allows hotel / restaurant customers place orders for drinks and foods from their tables remotely. Customers interact with the client version of the software while the server version is controlled by the hotel / restaurant staff. Any order placed on the client systems is displayed to the staff on the server computer.

  • SMS based fees payment system

    By on July 30, 2015

    This project makes it possible for students to pay their fees through their cell phones. It is a client-server application that allows communication with a remote server via SMS. Students need send a message string format via SMS to a designated phone number linked to a MODEM attached to the remote server. The remote server reads the this message and confirms the payment if the content of the message is valid.

  • Temperature controlled fan with remote control

    By on June 17, 2015

    This project aims to achieve the purpose of efficient energy usage by providing an effective method of fan speed control as a function of instantaneous ambient temperature. Infra red remote control allows for manual override of the control fan speed. Users can use to remote to select any fan speed they desire.

  • Infra red remote control for home/office appliances

    By on June 13, 2015

    Control any electrical home or office appliance remotely using this project. The project supports switching ON and OFF of up to eight appliances. This project shows the use of infra red LED and a receiver module for wireless communication. A microcontroller is used to establish the right drive signals and communication protocols.

  • RFID based Digital Student’s ID card

    By on June 12, 2015

    Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) we demonstrate how a student’s ID card can be digitized to store information about the student such as Name, Department, Registration Number, Blood group, Height etc. The hardware side of the project reads the card and communicated the data with a computer through USB interface.

  • 2 way power line communication system

    By on June 12, 2015

    An intercom is used to communicate between two people using the mains power line as a medium. This project demonstrates the use of power lines for communications and filtering techniques used to suppress 50Hz / 60Hz mains frequency and harmonics for a clear audio transmission.

  • Automatic Borehole Water Control System

    By on June 12, 2015

    Accurate monitoring of water in storage tanks in a bore hole system allows for automatic control of the sumo pump when the tank is empty or full. A microcontroller and fuzzy logic based water level detection system allows a user to view and control the system through an LCD and push buttons.

  • Microcontroller Based Proximity Detection and Control for Appliances

    By on June 12, 2015

    This hardware controls appliances such as fans and bulbs by monitoring the number of people in the room and the number that had left the room. Once the room is empty, the device turns off all the appliances being used.