Axial Lead Inductors (0.25W)

Axial Lead Inductors (0.25W)


Low power through-hole axial inductors with values from 1uH to 1mH. Maximum power dissipation:0.25W.


Inductors are passive electronic components that find use in a variety of circuit applications. When paired with capacitors, they can be used in signal frequency oscillator, detector and filter circuit applications. In switching power supplies, they play an important role of storing electrical energy in their magnetic field and releasing just the right amount of this stored energy to a load. Thus making switching power supplies highly efficient. When using non air-cored inductors in power circuits, ensure that the peak current in the inductor is below the specified peak inductor current to avoid core saturation. Once the core is saturated, the inductance of the inductor drops drastically.

Inductance Value

1uH, 10uH, 22uH, 33uH, 47uH, 100uH, 150uH, 220uH, 330uH, 470uH, 560uH, 1mH


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Inductance: 1uH – 1mH
Power Rating: 0.25 Watt
Tolerance: 10%
Mounting Type: Through Hole