RGB Light Emitting Diode -LED

RGB Light Emitting Diode -LED


RGB light Emitting diodes for Lighting and indication. Red, Green and Blue LEDs in one package with a common pin. Choose from Common Anode or Cathode types.


RGB Light Emitting Diodes are Like three LED colors (Red, Green and Blue) built into a single glass package. Most RGB LEDs have four connection pins; One pin from each of the three LEDs and a common pin that is either all cathodes or anodes of the LEDs connected together. Thus there is either a common Cathode RGB LED or common Anode RGB LED type. RGB LEDs can be made to display a wide range of colours by varying the amount of current flowing through each of the LEDs. This can be easily achieved using a Microcontroller with Pulse Width Modulation. When all LEDs have the same current flowing through them, the output colour is ‘White’. Consider using RGB LEDs in Colour Message Display Boards, Fancy¬†Colour Shop Signs, Programmable Colour/Hue Room Lighting.

LED Type

Common Cathode, Common Anode


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Power Dissipation: 100mW
Forward Voltage: 2V
Continuous Forward Current: 50mA
Pulsed Current @ 1/10 Duty, 0.1mS: 180mA
Reverse Voltage: 5V
Output: visible Light (Millions of Colours)
Package Type: Through-Hole