Light Dependent (Photo) Resistor (LDR)

Light Dependent (Photo) Resistor (LDR)


GL5528 Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) / Photoresistor. 5MM Outside diameter. 10KΩ Light Resistance, 1MΩ Dark Resistance.

A Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) or Photoresistor is a resistor  made of a semi-conductor material which allows the Resistance of the LDR change with luminance variation. In darkness, the LDR has a High Resistance while under lighting the resistance drops to a low value. Consider using the Light Dependent Resistor in projects that function with light intensity levels such as a Daylight or Night time Switcher that turns on a home security light during night time and turns it off during daytime. You can also use the LDR in Solar power systems to automatically activate heavy loads during daytime when the solar panels are supplying backup power but disable such loads during night time when back up power is supplied by batteries.


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Operating Temperature: 30 ~ +70
Rated Power:100 MW
Fabrication Technology:Metal Foil
Package Type:Through Hole
Resistance:5-10 KR
Model Number:GL5528
Maximum Voltage: 150V DC
Spectral peak:560nm
Lighting resistance:5-10KΩ
Dark resistance:1MΩ
Light variation to Resistance Response time: Up 30ms / Down 30ms


Typical Applications

  • Camera automatic Photometry
  • Photoelectric Control
  • Indoor Ray Control
  • Annunciator
  • Industrial Control
  • Light Control Switch
  • Light Control Lamp
  • Electronic Toy