Thermistor NTC 10D-11 (Inrush Current Suppressor)

Thermistor NTC 10D-11 (Inrush Current Suppressor)


Thermistor Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) 10D-11, 11MM Diameter, 10Ω Zero Power Resistance @ 25℃, 3A Maximum Steady State Current.

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NTC (Negative temperature coefficient) thermistor is a semiconductor made from metallic oxides. It exhibits an electrical resistance that has a very predictable change with temperature. The resistance varies significantly with temperature, more so than in standard resistors. They are extremely sensitive to temperature change, very accurate
and interchangeable. They have a wide temperature envelope and can be hermetically sealed for use in humid environments. This Thermistor type is used mainly in SMPS power supply circuit protection to limit inrush currents or surge when the system is initially powered On.


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Longevity of service, high reliability
Small size, powerful, strong capability of surge current protection
Instant response to surge current
Wide operation range
Big material constant (B value), low remain resistance.


Inrush current limiters
Temperature sensors
Self-resetting over current protectors
Self regulating heating elements
Conversion power, switch mode power supply, UPS power protection
Energy saving lights, electronic ballast filament protection
Electronic circuit, power supply circuit protection



Model Number: NTC 10D-11
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +150
Thermal Dissipation Constant: 7 mW/℃
Thermal Time Constant: 47 Seconds
Zero Power Resistance @ 25℃: 10Ω
Maximum Steady State Current: 3A
Diameter: 11MM
Color: Black
Fabrication Technology:Carbon Composition
Package Type:Through Hole