Y3144 Hall Effect Sensor Switch

Y3144 Hall Effect Sensor Switch


Y3144 Hall Effect Sensor Switch: Magnetic field sensor switch, wide supply voltage range 4.5V - 24V, Open-Collector Output 25mA sinking capability, includes Switching Hysteresis.

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This device is a magnetic field sensor switch based on the principles of hall effect. Its open-collector output is in the high-impedance state in the absence of a magnetic field; When brought close to a magnetic field, its output goes LOW. When the magnetic field is removed, the output returns back to high-impedance state. This device is useful in projects such as Brushless Electric Motors, Electric Motor Speed control, Contact-less Revolution counters, POV (Persistence of Vision) Based LED Displays etc.

*Please note that the output of this device is an open-collector output which has two logic states of High-impedance and LOW. Connect a resistor of 1kΩ between its output and Vcc to get digital logic states of HIGH and LOW. Consult the datasheet for further information.


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  • Supply Voltage: 4.5V to 24V
  • Supply Current: 9mA (Max)
  • Output Saturation Voltage (LOW): 175mV
  • Output Leakage Current(High Impedance State): <1uA
  • Turn-On Magnetic Field level : 70 gauss (Min.)
  • Turn-Off Magnetic Field Level: 50 gauss
  • Magnetic Field Hysteresis: 55 gauss