OH49E Linear Hall Effect Sensor

OH49E Linear Hall Effect Sensor


OH49E Linear Hall Effect Sensor: Provides a linear output voltage proportional to magnetic field Strength. Supply voltage 5V, Supply Current 4.2mA, -1200GS to +1200GS Magnetic Field Strength Detection Range.

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The OH49E linear hall effect sensor chip makes it possible to get a linear output voltage which is directly proportional to the magnetic field strength the OH49E chip is exposed to at any given time. It’s Output is biased at the mid-point of the supply voltage when there is zero magnetic field. If a south magnetic pole approaches to the front face (the side with markingID) of the Hall effect sensor, the output voltage will go higher. Contrary, a north magnetic pole will drive the output voltage lower. The variations of voltage level up or down are symmetrical. Greatest magnetic sensitivity is obtained with a supply voltage of 5V, but at the cost of increased supply current and a slight loss of output symmetry. This device is useful in projects such as Brushless Electric Motors, Electric Motor Speed control, Contact-less Revolution counters, POV (Persistence of Vision) Based LED Display, Current Sensing in chargers and inverters, Position Sensing, Vibration Sensing, Liquid Level Sensing, Weight Sensing etc.


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  • Supply Voltage: 5V
  • Supply Current: 4.2mA (Max)
  • Quiescent Output Voltage (LOW): 2.5V
  • Output Voltage Sensitivity: 2mV/GS
  • Output Voltage (HIGH):4.2V @ B = +1200GS
  • Output Voltage (LOW):0.8V @ B = -1200GS
  • Output Resistor: 100Ω