Thermistor NTC MF52-103 (Temperature Sensor)

Thermistor NTC MF52-103 (Temperature Sensor)


Themistor Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) MF52-103, 10K Resistance @ 25℃, ±1% Tolerance.

Pearl-Shaped Precision NTC Thermistor for Temperature Sensing and  Measurement. The MF52 series thermistor is ethoxyline resin coated. The small size is made possible by new materials and manufacturing methods which provide the benefit of close tolerances and fast response. This Thermistor is well suited for circuit applications or projects where temperature will need to be sensed or measured. For instance, it can be used to sense the temperature of a power MOSFET or other switching device in an inverter or power system to ascertain when to turn On the cooling fan.


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MF52 series in the form of radial resin coated form.
Wide resistance range:0.1~500K
High precision resistance and B value
High measurement precision.
Small dimension, fast response.
Good consistency.
Can operate in long time stability.
Operating temperature range: -55 ~ +125


Home appliance such as air conditioner, refrigerator, deep freezer, soybean milk machine, bread machine, drinking
Medical equipment and apparatus.
Temperature control instrument.
Electronic present.
Electronic temperature humidity meter.
Automobile temperature measurement.
Electronic table calendar.
Battery pack and battery charger.


Model Number: MF52-103
Operating Temperature: -55 ~ +125
Thermal Dissipation Constant: 7 mW/℃
Thermal Time Constant:  < 7Seconds
Zero Power Resistance @ 25℃: 10KΩ
Color: Black
Package Type:Through Hole