2N3906 PNP Transistor

2N3906 PNP Transistor


2N3906 General purpose PNP transistor for switching and amplification applications. Ic(max): -200mA, Vceo: -40V,Hfe:100, Vce(sat):-250mV.

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This PNP transistor finds use in most projects where switching or amplifying small signals is required. Small Signal Transistors such as this are transistors that are used to amplify low-level signals but can also can be used as a switch.Typical hFE (DC current gain) values for small signal transistors range from 10 to 500, with maximum Ic ratings from about 80 to 600mA. Maximum operating frequencies range from about 1 to 300 MHz. Small signal transistors are used primarily when amplifying small signals, such as a few volts and only when using milliamperes of current. When building projects requiring larger voltage and current (larger power), using many volts or amperes of current, a power transistor should be used.


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  • Package Type: TO-92 (Through-Hole)
  • Collector Current (Ic): -150mA
  • Peak Collector Current (Icm):-200mA
  • Total Power Dissipation(Ptot): 500mW
  • Collector Emitter Voltage(Vceo): -40V
  • Saturation Voltage (Vce(sat)):-250mV
  • Transition Frequency(Ft): 250MHz