TIP3055 NPN Power Transistor

TIP3055 NPN Power Transistor


TIP3055 NPN Power Transistor for Switching and Amplification Applications Requiring High Power. Ic(max): 15A, Vceo: 60V,Hfe:20(max), Vce(sat):1.1V.

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This transistor falls into the category of power transistors. Power transistors can withstand high power dissipation without damage. Due to the limitations of the transistor package type, it is always required that a power transistor be mounted on a suitable heat sink in other to harness the device’s maximum rated¬† power without damage. This transistor finds wide use in Power Switching systems such as inverters, and output stages of audio amplifiers where they are connected in push-pull with a complementary power transistor type. When used in an audio amplifier project, its is advisable to drive the power transistor from a pre-amplifier stage as most power transistors have low current gain.


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  • Package Type: TO-247 (Through-Hole)
  • Collector Current (Ic): 15A
  • Peak Collector Current (Icm):15A
  • Total Power Dissipation(Ptot): 90W
  • Collector Emitter Voltage(Vceo): 60V
  • Saturation Voltage (Vce(sat)):1.1V
  • Transition Frequency(Ft): 2.5MHz