TIP41C NPN Medium Power Transistor

TIP41C NPN Medium Power Transistor


TIP41C NPN Transistor For Use in Medium Power Linear Amplifiers and Switching Applications.  Ic(max): 6A, Ib:2A, Vceo: 100V,Hfe:75(max), Vce(sat):1.5V.

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Medium Power Transistors find use in applications where operating conditions of small signal transistors might be a bit stressed. These devices offer power ratings that are average and are mainly used in portable power supplies and amplifiers. Consider using these devices as drivers or buffers for Power transistors output stages in high power audio amplifier projects or as output stages in medium power output audio Amplifiers. To avoid damage, always use a heat sink if maximum power output from this device is required as the transistor package has a limit to the amount of heat it can dissipate from the transistor junction.


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  • Package Type: TO-220 (Through-Hole)
  • Collector Current (Ic): 6A
  • Peak Collector Current (Icm):6A
  • Total Power Dissipation(Ptot): 65W
  • Collector Emitter Voltage(Vceo): 100V
  • Saturation Voltage (Vce(sat)):1.5V
  • Transition Frequency(Ft): 3MHz